Ban the bomb

On the 20th September 2017, the nuclear ban treaty will open for signature. States across the world are invited to sign up to prohibit nuclear weapons. This is a giant step forward on the road towards global abolition of nuclear weapons. Over one hundred countries are likely to sign the treaty, but will Britain make the most of this crucial opportunity for peace?

The treaty follows decades of grassroots campaigning across the world. CND has been calling for a global ban on nuclear weapons since its founding in 1958 and we are delighted at the development.

The UK government has so far boycotted the ban treaty negotiations, despite claiming that it plays a “full and active role in the UN First Committee on disarmament and international security”. As the first round of talks got underway the UK Ambassador chose to stand shoulder to shoulder with the US Ambassador as she denounced the efforts to bring about a nuclear free world.

Successive UK governments have stated their support for multilateral nuclear disarmament, but fail to take action to match the rhetoric. Theresa May has a chance to bring about a more peaceful world by banning nuclear weapons. That chance has to be taken.

For all our futures, CND will continue to urge the government to sign up to the treaty – for as long as it takes!

Please add your name to the calls for Britain to support the ban on nuclear weapons. Tell Theresa May using the model letter below.

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