Ask your MP to sign EDM 177: Arms to Israel

A number of MPs from different political parties have come together to sign Early Day Motion 177 on Arms to Israel.

UK-made military technology and equipment is being used by Israel in its ongoing bombardment of Gaza which is resulting in thousands of civilian deaths and injuries. Reports show that Israeli military actions are contravening international law, and international humanitarian law, and some actions may constitute war crimes. The UK is legally required to ensure that military equipment it transfers will not be used in such illegal or criminal actions. 

This EDM calls on the government to stop all transfers of military equipment and technology to Israel and to suspend the issuing of new export licences.

As a growing number of lawyers and human rights organisations, together with the United Nations and many global leaders, call for a ceasefire and an end to the violations of international law, it's time for us to urge our MPs to work to end British complicity in the slaughter.

You can read the full text of EDM 177 here. Please urge your MP to sign it.